A feeling of comfort or discomfort affects our social interactions, fitness levels and our sleep.A lot of women in America will have varicose or spider veins at some time in their lives. Varicose and spider veins are not a good sight and can be discomforting.Bulging, blue and inflamed veins characterize varicose.They are large, painful, and itchy and make the leg feel heavy or weary.Spider veins are small and appear like jagged red, purple or blue lines and like webs on your legs. Though they are not painful, they are unattractive
The following contribute to the growth of varicose and spider veins:

  • Age and heredity
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy and weight gain
  • Chronic inactivity
  • Frequent crossing of legs and
  • Long periods of standing.

There are conventional treatments like:

  • Chemical irritant injection
  • Zapping with lasers and
  • Surgical stripping

These get rids of existing ones but does not prevent a new one from forming.
The procedure can also cause nerve damages and pain, scarring and even infection.
There is, however, a natural approach to treat this which has been covered by Medicine Direct.

Blood Movement in the Body
The body has two main circulatory vessels.One is the artery that transports blood from the heart to different body parts.The second is the vein which transports the blood from the body parts back to the heart.The veins in the leg, work the most in transporting blood to the heart compared to other veins in the body.
If the veins cannot efficiently transport the blood, blood starts to collect in the leg which now stretches the vein making it swell and injure the vein walls.Whether these veins appear as varicose or spider depends on the extent they might have enlarged.
Though these conditions are not normally dangerous, they can lead to the following:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Skin ulcers and
  • Phlebitis.

Soothe Your Leg with Diosmin
There are two ways to tackle vein problems:

  • Improve the circulation and
  • Strengthen the vein walls

The primary and easiest measure to improve blood circulation is to counter gravity. To stand or sit for a long period makes it difficult for blood to flow from the legs to the heart.If few minutes can be taken to rest the legs higher than the heart every day, it will enable gravity to help the blood flow back to the heart.
Exercising also helps as it aids good circulation and strengthens the legs.Attention also needs to be paid to what you eat.A fibre-rich diet reduces the possibility of constipation hence helps in avoiding any harm to the vascular system.
For the strengthening of the vein walls, one can learn from the Europeans as they have used Diosmin to treat circulatory problems that affect their legs.This practice for good reasons has been on for over 30 years.
Diosmin is a bioflavonoid that is gotten from citrus fruits effective for enhancing circulation and strengthening veins. It particularly targets the veins in the leg.People experience substantial improvement after taking Diosmin for some months.
A daily dose of Diosmin is usually about 500 to 1,000mg.
With Diosmin, the following is achieved:

  • Reduction in leg discomforts
  • Disappearance of swellings
  • Relief from pain, cramps and heavy legs
  • Improved health of leg veins

There are no recorded aftereffects of using Diosmin both in the long and short-term.
It is also safe to use as it has no adverse interactions with medication, food, diseases or certain conditions.

Relief for Hemorrhoids
It can thus alleviate the discomforts from varicose veins that develop in the anus and lower rectum.Hemorrhoids can make it painful for one to sit since it itches, can bleed or even protrude.


Diosmin and Cancer
Now a lot more is being explored by scientists on how it can boost general health with particular focus on how it might prevent cancer, in particular skin and oral cancers.The cancer-combatting component of Diosmin is yet to be established by researchers;
There are studies that have pitted Diosmin against rutin, red wine and extracts from grape seed.Spanish investigations observed that it was reasonably more effective at decreasing the number of metastatic melanoma cells than any other tested flavonoidsThese cells are a dangerous type of skin cancer that can be widespread throughout the body.
It might take a while before there can be a scientific proof of Diosmin's cancer benefit.There is no other nutrient that does better than Diosmin in improving vein health. Apart from taking Diosmin, there are numerous basic strategies one can engage to promote healthy circulation.
It is also important to take breaks and place your feet up every now and then for good circulation.


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Including a fibre-rich and high anti-oxidant diet in your meal with lots of exercises can be of great benefit to the veins.


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Without a doubt, the efficacy of Diosmin in the treatment of varicose, spider veins and haemorrhoids have been proved.


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Since Diosmin reduces swelling and improves the health of veins, it can be of help to those that suffer from haemorrhoids.

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